Sudoklu is a robust Sudoku puzzle solving app that can solve even the most challenging Sudoku puzzles.

The current version of Sudoklu uses the following solving techniques:

  • Naked singles, pairs, triples and quadruples
  • Hidden singles, pairs, triples and quadruples
  • Locked candidates (pointing and claiming)
  • Brute force

Sudoklu allows you to solve Sudoku puzzles one move at a time, or all at once. Using Sudoklu's intuitive user interface, you can always navigate backwards and forwards through the moves that Sudoklu made in solving a puzzle, with an accompanying logical explanation for each move so that you can learn.

Additional solving techniques will be implemented in future releases.

A free version is also available.

Instructions explain how to use Sudoklu. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the developer at

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